Hello everyone!

The holiday season is upon us. So we thought we’d give you something you might actually want this year.

The songs we’ve covered in the past have been chosen for a variety of reasons and randomness. More often than not, they’re just songs we love.

This time, we’re changing it up and putting you in control. All of you.

Simply post a comment with the song you want us to cover and why. The song request with the most likes on 12/12 will be our winner. Then we'll strum, wail and upload the track on 12/22. (No Metallica, please and thank you).

Included is a cover we did of one of our favorite songs of all time, Give Me Love (Give Me Peace on Earth) by George Harrison, which you can find exclusively at Pure Volume.

Looking forward to your suggestions. Good luck and happy holidays!

c. and m.